Fun Foods


Fun Foods

Supplies sold separately unless noted – Pricing at bottom of page


For more inquiries,Call (732) 462-7799

Pricing based on 1 day rental

Funnel Cake**

60 servings-$375

2 hours with attendant


Ice Cream/Ices/Gelato Freezer 1, with umbrella

$150 (Delivery & Supplies additional)


Popcorn Machine*


supplies additional


Popcorn Machine, Gourmet with Cart*


supplies additional


Sno-Cone Machine*

$70 (Customer supplies Ice)

supplies additional

Cotton Candy Machine*


supplies additional


Ice Cream/Ices/Gelato Freezer 2, Green, White, Red

$125 (Delivery & Supplies additional)


Pretzel Machine*


supplies additional


Hot Dog Cart, Rolling*


supplies additional

Attendant Additional

Cotton Candy Machine with Cart and Bubble*


supplies additional


Ice Cream/Ices/Gelato Freezer 3, White

$125(Delivery & Supplies additional)


Hot Dog Cart, Table Top*


supplies additional


The Pucker Powder Machine

$85 (Includes 12 6’ tubes), Additional tubes, $2.50 each


Electric Fryer


frying oil supplies additional

Frozen Drink Machine

Frozen Drink Machine, $169

Supplies Additional.  You may supply your own or we stock:

Premium Frozen Drink mix $25/each

(min 2 required)

Must be set up inside or in shade.

Must be on own circuit.


Exclusive Chocolate Fountain



Price: $329 for 2 hours.

Includes attendant, 7 lbs. of chocolate and choice of 5 dipping items (list provided by request)

Machine is a Sephra Aztec, 27” fountain.

Max Capacity: 11 lbs. of chocolate

Height: 27″ Width: 14.75″

Serves: Approx. 70 guests ( approx. 3 dipping items per guest)

For additional guest/servings, $25/Each additional 10 guests

*Supplies for 50 servings – Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Sno-Cone Machines (customer supplies ice)  is $25.
** Funnel Cake Rental includes attendant for 2 hours.  Additional 50 servings of Funnel Cake supplies including attendant, $150.

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